Prodigy Design Plastics

custom design

We are leading the market in custom-made acrylic fabrication services. We serve a wide variety of customers, and that has allowed us to grow and to gain the kind of experience necessary to create any product you desire.

quality finish

We pride ourselves on providing an Australian product with quality that is second to none. Our experienced team manufacture your products with the latest cutting equipment on-site at Edinburgh, South Australia.

volume production

With a national focus, our manufacturing process enables us to fill orders varying from one-off custom pieces to high volume fit-outs. All checked to meet our highest standard of quality.


what you should know about us…

We have over a decade of experience in plastic fabrication for Adelaide. Our team can create a variety of point-of-sale, shop fitting and display solutions for your business. We have developed a longstanding reputation that is based on our ability to meet customer needs, exceed their expectations and always deliver the best services and products. 

With the latest in customisable fabrication technology at our disposal, we have become the plastic manufacturers Adelaide counts on. We use only finest materials and can produce in volume for our clients. Count on us to deliver fantastic results every time for your business.


any questions?

Talk to us   08 8285 9990